• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are very sensitive to the confidentiality of your information.

When you perform a transaction at, the information you provide is used exclusively to handle your request, for the purchase of gift certificates or for a massage.

Your email address will be used to confirm your appointment or to send you the information needed to complete your transaction.

No information is shared with third parties without your permission or in the case of a request from a qualified legal representative.

All critical data that may be required must be encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet. We use an outside company to process all credit card transactions securely. This company do not retain, share or use any personally identifiable information for purposes other than payment processing.

We understand that making transactions on our website requires trust on your part. We value your trust and are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of personal information you provide to us and use it only in the framework described in our policy.



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